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» U2 Songs of Experience alcanza el Nº 1 en Billboard 200
13/12/2017, 08:01 por Equipo-Ultraviolet

» Bono y The Edge actuaron en una estación metro de Berlin
13/12/2017, 07:56 por Equipo-Ultraviolet

» Comprar Pasaportes,licencia de Conducir,DNI,TOEFL,IELTS
12/12/2017, 07:49 por 0leocadio

» La BBC retransmitira un especial U2 el 19 de Diciembre
7/12/2017, 06:56 por Equipo-Ultraviolet

3/12/2017, 08:10 por dankoexplorer

» U2 Songs of Experience, número 1 mundial en iTunes
3/12/2017, 07:58 por dankoexplorer

» Songs of Experience puesto 3 para la Rolling Stone
30/11/2017, 09:07 por dankoexplorer

»  U2 American Soul, nuevo tema de Songs of Experience
19/11/2017, 20:16 por dankoexplorer

» U2 nuevo single Songs of Experience-Get Out Of Your Own Way -
2/11/2017, 09:22 por dankoexplorer

» U2 Songs of Experience: Novedades
21/10/2017, 08:21 por dankoexplorer

» U2 Nuevo nº1 en Adult Alternative Songs
15/10/2017, 08:24 por dankoexplorer

» U2 nominación "Tour del año" en los American Music Awards
15/10/2017, 08:21 por dankoexplorer

» Debut de U2 You’re the Best Thing About Me en los charts de Billboard
19/9/2017, 05:04 por dankoexplorer

» Th Joshua Tree 2017 PARIS I Y II
30/7/2017, 01:01 por dankoexplorer

30/7/2017, 00:54 por dankoexplorer

» The Joshua Tree /Croke Park DUBLIN
23/7/2017, 21:51 por dankoexplorer

» Y U2 volviô a casa! Turno de Croke Park Dublin The Joshua Tree 2017
23/7/2017, 21:43 por dankoexplorer

» The Joshua Tree 2017 BARCELONA
20/7/2017, 06:32 por dankoexplorer

» U2 Barcelona The Joshua Tree 2017
20/7/2017, 06:29 por dankoexplorer

» U2 Roma "Somos familia, Vosotros y nosotros..somos familia"
16/7/2017, 21:50 por dankoexplorer

» The Joshua Tree 2017-ROMA SHOW 24
13/7/2017, 18:55 por dankoexplorer

» U2 The Joshua Tree show 24-Berlin
13/7/2017, 18:53 por dankoexplorer

» U2The Joshua Tree Londres Conciertos 22 y 23
11/7/2017, 09:34 por dankoexplorer

» U2 invitó a los bomberos de Londres a un ensayo
11/7/2017, 09:22 por dankoexplorer

» U2The Joshua Tree Londres Conciertos 22 y 23
11/7/2017, 09:02 por dankoexplorer

Algunos Films donde aparece música de U2.-

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Algunos Films donde aparece música de U2.-

Algunos Films donde aparece música de U2.-Música de U2 en las peliculas / U2 on movie Soundtracks

-They Call It An Accident – “October” (1982)

-The Last American Virgin – “I Will Follow” (1982)

-Captive – Edge co-authors entire soundtrack with Michael Brooks (1985)

-The Courier – “Walk to the Water” (1987)

-Scrooged (1989) Sweetest Thing / New Voices of Freedom

-Pow-Wow Highway (1989) Sweet Fire of Love / Robbie Robertson y U2

-Until the End of the World – “Until the End of the World” (1990)

-A Clockwork Orange – Bono / Edge co-write music for theater production (1990)

-State of Grace – “Trip Through Your Wires” (1990)

-Honeymoon In Vegas – Bono sings “Can’t Help Falling In Love” (1992)

-Faraway, So Close – “Stay (Faraway, So Close)” and “The Wanderer” (1993)

-Reality Bites – “All I Want Is You” (1993)

-Pret-a-Porter – “Lemon Remix” (1994)

-Short Cuts (1993) Conversation on a Barstool escrita por Bono y The Edge, interpretada por Annie Ross

-Reality Bites (1993) All I Want Is You / U2

-Bhaji on the Beach (1993) I Still Haven’t Found / U2

-Blown Away (1993) I Still Haven’t Found, With or Without You / U2

-Threesome – “Dancing Barefoot” (1994)

-Milk Money – “Some Days are Better Than Others” (1994)

-In the Name of the Father – “Thief Of Your Heart”, “In the Name of the Father” and “Billy Boola” (1994)

-Blown Away – “With or Without You” and “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” (1994)

-Johnny Mnemonic – “Alex Descends Into Hell For a Bottle of Milk” (1995)

-Batman Forever – “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me” (1995)

-Goldeneye (1995) Goldeneye Escrita por Bono y The Edge e interpretada por Tina Turner.

-The Pillow Book (1995) Daddy’s Gonna Pay for your Crashed Car / U2

-Show Girls (1995) Numb / U2

-Heat – “Always, Forever, Now” (The Passengers) (1995)

-Par-dela les Nuages – “Your Blue Room” and “Beach Sequence” (The Passengers) (1995)

-The Pillow Book – “Daddy’s Gonna Pay for Your Crashed Car” (1995)

-Show Girls – “Numb (Gimme Some More Dignity Mix)” (1995)

-Short Cuts – Bono and the Edge co-write “Conversations on a Barstool” (1996)

-Mission: Impossible – Adam and Larry perform title track theme song (1996)

-Gun (U.S. TV show) – “Happiness Is a Warm Gun” (1997)

-Blackout – “Miami” (1997)

-The End of Violence – “I’m Not Your Baby” with Sinead O’Connor (1997)

-City of Angels – “If God Will Send His Angels” (1998)

-Cookies Fortune – Bono / Edge appear on separate tracks (1998)

-Forces of Nature – “Everlasting Love” (1999)

-The Blackout (1997) Miami / U2

-The End of the Violence (1997) I’m Not Your Baby / U2 y Sinead O’Connor

-Cookie’s Fortune (1999) A Good Man / David Stewart y Bono, Patrol Car Blues / David Stewart y The Edge

-Entropy – “MOFO (Live)”, “Mysterious Ways (Live)”, “Lemon (Perfecto Mix)” (1999)

-Runaway Bride – “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” (1999)

-Three Kings – “In God’s Country” (2000)

-Million Dollar Hotel – U2 contributes “Stateless”, “The Ground Beneath Her Feet”, and “The First Time” and Bono contributes “Never Let Me Go”, “Falling at Your Feet” and “Dancin’ Shoes” (2000)

-The Family Man – “One” (2000)

-Moulin Rouge – Bono covers “Children of the Revolution” with Gavin Friday and Maurice Seezer (2001)

-Tomb Raider – “Elevation (Tomb Raider Mix)” (2001)

-The Three Kings (2000) In God’s Country / U2

-Vanilla Sky – “Wild Honey” (2001)

-Buskers – “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” (2001)

-Bandits – “Beautiful Day” (2001)

-Tomb Raider (2001) Elevation / U2

-About a Boy – “Zoostation” (2002)

-Mr. Deeds – “Sweetest Thing (Single Mix)” (2002)

-Bloody Sunday – “Sunday Bloody Sunday (Live)” (2002)

-Black Velvet – “Beautiful Day” (2002)

-Gangs of New York – “Hands That Built America” (2003)*NOMINADA AL OSCAR

-The Good Thief – Bono covers “That’s Life”(2003)

-Veronica Guerin – “Everlasting Love”(2003)

-Taking Lives – “Bad” (2004)

-Intermission (2003) Out of Control / U2

-In America (2003)Time Enough for Tears escrita por Gavin Friday y Bono e interpretada por Andrea Corr

-Don’t Come Knocking (2005) Don’t come knocking con Bono, The Edge, Andrea Corr

-Click (2006) Ultraviolet / U2

-“Tower of Songs” (con Leonard Cohen) –Pelicula “I’m Your Man”

Además de las que faltan y de todas estas contribuciones, U2 junto con Brian Eno edito en 1995 Passengers: Original Soundtracks, donde nos encontramos 14 canciones que aparecieron en otras tantas películas.

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